Jan, I just want to thank you for the beautiful eulogy. It's perfect. You really captured the essence. Thanks again
Thank you so much for such a lovely Eulogy. I am due to give the Eulogy for my father and I spent a week writing up my memories, only to rip them up and start over. I had all the words and sentiments that I wanted to use in my head, but between my head and my hand, things became scrambled and my emotions interfered, but when I contacted Loving Eulogies and answered some questions, Jan provided me a Eulogy using my words and memories. I couldn't have done it without her and it was worth the price to be able to stand and deliver a professional eulogy. Thanks Jan.
Hi Jan, Thank you for your wonderful way with words. I got choked up just reading them. This eulogy will definitely help me honor my Dad. Thanks again.
Thank you so much for your excellent eulogy service. You captured the spirit in which it was intended and I could not have done at this time of my grief. Thanks so much again.
Ms. Shepardson, I cannot begin to thank you enough for your help in pulling Rick’s eulogy together. I had been agonizing all week long on how to go about composing it in way that honored Rick’s memory. He was my best friend, and because he was, everything I tried to write seemed unworthy. I had hit the wall Friday evening, and the funeral was Saturday at 11:00. Then I found your web page. I was really worried when I was filling out the fact gathering sheet on your web site. How could someone get Rick’s eulogy written and back to me in six hours? You managed to get it back to me in two hours and on a Friday evening! It really summed up how I felt about Rick and many of my friends came up after the funeral and thank me for how personal the eulogy was. Thank you again for your kind words and help during an extremely emotional time in my life. Most sincerely,
Thank you Jan for putting my thoughts into words, you did a wonderful job. I will cherish these words forever.
Jan, Hi Jan, God bless you, it's wonderful. I wept after reading it...I truly admire your ability to do this...Warmest regards,
~Tom & Cheryl
The text is perfect. You have been able to put my thoughts into the words and the format that I have not been able to create. You have been able to understand the life of a total stranger and, with the proper words, put it all together in order to honor her properly. Thank you, Jan. You have really been able to relieve me of a thought process so difficult to put together when time is of the essence and when emotions make it difficult to think. Thank you also for your immediate response.
Thanks again! This is very helpful! I will be able to deliver with ease. You provide an invaluable service. It must be very rewarding work for you as well.
Thank you for the wonderful creation for my mother's eulogy. You did such a great job--and I am so grateful for the wonderful touching words...thank you again.
Jan - thanks so much. Looks good! I'll do some personalized "tweaking" but I think this is all I need. I'll get back to you if I need anything else. Terrific job.
Thank you Jan. I reviewed the Eulogy, and I like it very much. I will make some additions, but you have given me the words I was so desperately looking for, and I know now that I shall be able to do my cousin justice. Thank you very much.
Dear Jan, I loved it! Thank you so much for doing this for me. I truly appreciate it.
Jan- It went GREAT! I was able to hold it together, after the service many people commented on what a wonderful reflection of my brother-in-law's life, this was especially gratifying for the family. You were able to take my jumble of thoughts and emotions and create a very moving eulogy that touched everyone at the service. I cannot thank you enough for helping myself and our family through this difficult period.
That Eulogy was awesome! Everyone said it was PERFECT! Thanks again!
Hi Jan, I have just read Aunt Marg's eulogy and it's wonderful. You have the talent to put all my own words into a wonderful compact eulogy that speaks of love and caring and captured to a "T" her life and what she was about. I have read it three times already. Thank you and God Bless
Jan, Thank you very much for the touching eulogy. You far-exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for helping me honor my husband. I just could not find the words and how to use them, I have become so blank. You did a wonderful job and I am very grateful to you. I lost my husband a week ago today. He was very young, and so am I and you have helped me honor him well. I am very touched and my family will be very touched. Thank you so much for everything. Most sincerely,
Thank you Jan, very nice job. You put everything together so well everyone really liked it. In spite of the fact that you did it so quickly (3 hours from time of purchase) it was extremely well done. God bless.
Jan - I found your service invaluable. Thank you.
Hi, You're awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Eulogy is PERFECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I wish I could express my gratitude to you in words as well as you have given me the words to bid my mother farewell. If I did not know any better I would have thought you were my mom's best friend. You sure are one of mine. THANK YOU It is JUST WHAT I NEED....
Jan, Thank you, we laid Jim to rest yesterday. I delivered the eulogy in front of several thousand people, thank you for the wonderful eulogy.
Dear Jan, Thank you so much. You provide a wonderful service. With appreciation
Jan, Thank you so much for your quick response to my cry for help. You captured my words and presented them just as if you had been a part of our lives all along. Best regards,
Dear Jan, I am sorry this is so late in coming. I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful eulogy. It was perfect and quite fitting of the man that my uncle was. Again, much thanks to you and God Bless you, you have such a wonderful gift.
Thank you soooo much! I love every word of it. God Bless you for doing such wonderful work every penny I payed was well earned.
hi...it's over........it was beautiful........everyone said it was a wonderful, fitting eulogy......thank you so much for everything i could not have done it without you........
Thank you so much Jan for the beautiful tribute. You captured her perfectly. It was such a relief to find you on the internet....I tried writing the eulogy myself but the grief stymied my thinking. You truly have a rewarding profession...thanks again and God bless.
I think your internet service is one of the most valuable one that someone could stumble across as I did. I got tired of laying in bed trying to compose it in my minds. I love writing poems, I did for my three other grandparents that passed away, but that was years ago when I was in high school. Now I am 34, have a husband, two children, and it is hard for me to get peace and quiet. Thanks so much!
Just wanted to thank you for the lovely eulogy you wrote for my father. It was very moving and everyone appreciated it. It helped me tremendously to see my own sentiments written so beautifully. Thanks again.
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